Thursday, 3 January 2013

Off to a Good Start

So we are 3 days in to the new year and I promised some progress pics. Despite some distractions I have got all of this weeks models painted! I have started on the bases but they will take a few days to get to the final completed stage. I also have to go back and fix a couple spots of chipped paint and then varnish them to keep them looking nice and pretty. So here are the progress shots:

This gives me a max and a min unit of Gatormen Possie (2nd unit leader not shown, he was the scheme test model) a Swamp Gobber team and a Feralgeist completed. This adds to my existing collection of Barnabus, a Thrullg, Croak Hunter and Bull Snapper. Obviously I am a little light on warbeasts so I have 4 more models lined up to complete by Sunday. A Blackhide Wrastler, Boneswarm, Victor Pendrake and Maelock the Dreadbound.

Aside from that I have a few painted models that fit within the colour pallet that just need a basing change or a couple of details re-painted. They are a 2nd Feralgeist and a min unit of Bone Grinders (for Calabans Tier). Then I have models that need stripping down to repaint, a Totem Hunter, Bull Snapper, Ironback Spitter and a max unit of Gatormen Possie. Finally I have 2 models that need some conversion work before painting, a 2nd Croak Hunter and a Swamp Horror. That is on top of Calaban himself and 2 Witch Doctors. Sigh, so much to do for March, not including Rask, Zombie Bog Troggs or a unit of Bog Trogg Ambushers. (All of which are waiting for release or I otherwise don't own yet.)

I did however play a couple of games of Dreadball last night with ManticKiwi which was a lot of fun. I am not however much closer to deciding which of the 4 teams I want to focus on. With only the Skittersneak Stealers left to assemble I should hopefully have a favourite chosen soon and will be able to add them to the progress bar.

Here are the totals so far:
Day 3
10/3 Painted/Days passed
10/366 Painted/Target (2.7%)
15/37 Blindwater Congregation (40.5%)
With more to come...

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