Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week 1 - In review, Week 2 forcast

So the holiday period ends for me. Where did I get to? Well I only got 1 of the extra models complete, pic below.

You see I got a little distracted after my game with ManticKiwi and ended up painting some Dreadball instead. Well...

I painted up 43 dreadball models, consisting of almost all of the 4 teams (I missed one of the Veer-myn when undercoating, Doh!) and the 4 team specific MVPs. I used the Army Painter technique to get them done, learning about their Dip in the process. While they aren't painted to my usual standard they are more than sufficient for a board game. Hopefully I will be able to refine the process for when I come to doing the Mantic Corporation models. I would like to bring the standard up a bit for those models, I brushed on the dip, I am told that using another brush to remove some is a good way to clean up the results so will try that next time.

As for next weeks models, I have the slight issue that I have mangled all my nice new brushes. I have to go pick some up before I can make any progress on the Gators and so have decreased this weeks target to 5 models, as below:

A couple of familiar faces in there... Sorry for the poor quality photos, I'm in a bit of a rush this week getting prepared for work. I also have to make serious progress on my terrain comp entry... Oh where did the holiday break go?

The stats:

Day 6
54/6 Painted/Days passed
54/366 Painted/Target (14.8%)
16/37 Blindwater Congregation (43.2%)
43/51 Dreadball (84.3%)
With more to come...

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