Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 3 - Review, Revisiting Week 2

So as I predicted there was very little painting done last week... It happens, just wasn't in the mood. (That and I read all of the Hunger Games trilogy...)

So instead here are some pictures of my terrain competition entry. Any Immortals members out there want to vote for me then email the Immortals President (or contact him in person) before the 5th of Feb, it would be much appreciated!

So the four buildings all light up and the windmill is motorised to spin. All the plants are removable to make game-play easier as well.

What is the plan for this week? Remember the models from week 2, the ones I didn't finish? Yeah, I still need to do them... Seems like a good place to start. I may splash in some other models as well, testing schemes for other systems. We will see, it is a long weekend after all!
In case you thought I had forgotten them..

The stats:

Day 21
54/21 Painted/Days passed
54/366 Painted/Target (14.8%)
16/37 Blindwater Congregation (43.2%)
43/51 Dreadball (84.3%)
With more to come...


  1. Nice John, you should put up a tutorial to show how you light up the houses, I would be a keen watcher of that

    1. Ask and you shall receive