Monday, 31 December 2012

So it begins

With the holiday season coming to a close it is time to start painting! I had some spare time so decided I should finish off one model I had started way back in August. So I present to you, Bloody Barnabus.

The base still needs finishing as the water effects can take 24 hours to set. With the depth I have been making my swamp bases it will take about a week to get it filled, then on to plant-life and tidying up the rim. I expect the next lot of bases to take longer than the first week as well so for this reason I won't be counting Gatorman bases in the challenge time frame. They do however have to be based for Ides so some final finished shots will be put up once they are ready.

This weeks models are: 7 Gatorman Possie, 2 Swamp Gobbers and a Feralgeist. I am hoping that this lot will go nice and quickly given all my time off. Then I may have a mid week post with some extra models to be done by the 6th. In particular I need to finish off Maelock the Dreadbound, which I started last year and could do with starting on Caliban the Gravewalker. That would give me all of the released warlocks painted and ready to go. (I will be picking up Rask as well.) On the side I still have to prepare all the bases for these models so I have a busy week ahead of me!
Week 1 Unpainted

 Confession time... Mantic had a sale on undead models. In the end I have another 130 skeletons on the way. Doh! Hopefully by painting extra models this week I will have time to do the Gators Warbeasts without falling behind on weekly model count. Then I can move on to batch painting some Mantic models!

I have thought that to end my posts I will leave you with the current total painted model count and breakdown of what has been done and is left to do. So here it is, and until next time, Play it Painted.

Day 0
0/0 Painted
0/21 Blindwater Congregation
More to come...

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