Monday, 17 December 2012

Life, progress, list-building & distractions

No pictures this week unfortunately as life has impeded attempts to undercoat my models. As it turns out renovating a house takes quite a bit of time so my week has been filled with digging holes and painting doors (which unfortunately don't count towards my goal) and my paranoia prevents me from using red spray paint in the same garage space at white doors...

However progress has been made. I have assembled 100 Mantic Corporation marines and all my current Gators models in preparation for undercoating once the garage is available again. This week shall see me mounting those models on various utensils to minimise spray painting time and waste.

The 40k list building is not going well... I appear to not have enough models (ha ha ironic yes?) to be moderately competitive and not having any real knowledge of the current rule set makes list making difficult. I may have to get someone else to write up the lists and get me trained up in the new rules. The result of this leaves me wondering if the tournament should be skipped to relieve pressure on the timeline.

Further I forgot I have entered the terrain competition run by The Hamilton Immortals (NZ) which is due late January. While I have got the terrain mostly done (just a few detail touch ups to do) I have started the game boards but they need quite a bit more work. Delaying the Corp models will give me the time for getting this done, so perhaps it really is best to skip Over the Top in Feb (freeing up another weekend) and get other items done instead. (Like the Gators...)

This week saw new models arrive... Dreadball! So I now have 40 more models to assemble and paint as well as an MDF game board. The temptation to focus on these is very strong as the game looks awesome. Moreover I will have even more arriving early next year so it would be good to get ahead of the curve.

The plan for the week is to get the Corporation and Gators models under-coated, prepare the Gators bases, assemble and undercoat some Dreadball (hopefully 2 teams to get gaming over Xmas) and to find my camera and upload a shot of 400 ish models so you can see what I'm trying to tackle next year. I expect that those models may be swapped for others but a sense of scale is good (and daunting!)

Until next week, Play it Painted.


  1. I have my terrain for Valleycon to finish, should not tke long......(insert Tui Ad here)

    1. Been there... How many have you got registered? Think you will have enough? I could send down a bit with Dan if you like.

  2. Got plenty just making a new Table per tourney, I try to do that at least. 21 players registered so far.....