Monday, 24 December 2012

Pictures at last!

Sort of...

So I finally got everything ready to get undercoating some models and... the weather turns. So instead I arranged 6 months of models (183) to show just how big a job 1 models per day really is. Since the photos were taken the weather cleared up so I have under-coated enough for a few months, in particular the Gatormen models. Hopefully I can get them done over Christmas in time for some Ides practice. I also assembled 3 Dreadball teams (I knew I wouldn't be able to resist) and they too have been under-coated. I may get the Veer-myn team assembled ready for painting as well later this week. I also hope to get my terrain sorted for the Immortals Competition in late Jan. Good thing I have 2 weeks off!

Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and Play it Painted!

So many models!

Closer view of the next 6 months.

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