Thursday, 5 November 2015

October Arcade Block

The October Arcade block just came through and cost me $33 USD, or about $50 NZD. I got a bit sucked back in with all the Fallout 4 hype, I've already stopped the subscription as the next set of spoilers don't really interest me.

The contents:
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 shirt
Atari cap
Fallout Funko blind box figure
Titanfall K'nex set
Retro City Rampage computer game

The shirt is the usual fare from Shirtpunch, it feels a little rough but the print is actually pretty cool, which can be a bit hit-and-miss from these boxes. I'm happy with this one.

Next up is the Atari cap. I'm not much of a hat person but it is reasonable quality and has both print (the rainbow stripes) and embroidery (Atari logo) so with summer upon us I'm just as likely to wear it as any other hat.

This box also came with a Funko Fallout blind box figure and a K'nex Titanfall set. Luckily for me I got one of the figures I wanted out of the blind box. I hadn't looked too closely at that set as there are quite a few 'odd' figures in there. The K'nex set is interesting, it didn't take long to do and it all seems to be made of thinner stuff than the normal sets. This isn't something I would usually get for myself (I prefer Lego) but it was nice to see what else is out there. I'm not going to get more though.

Lastly the block came with Retro City Rampage DX. I've not had a chance to load it up yet but it looks like it will be a nice little time waster. It comes in a old style box, with an old floppy disk style CD cover but has a download code as well. Solid effort all up.

So I've had a couple Arcade blocks in the past that weren't so great. This one is certainly a step up from those, all of the items are real, solid, pieces unlike some of the paper heavy ones in the past. If Nerd block keep this up I may be back on a more permanent basis.

Value: There are 5 items in this block and they are all worth at least $10 each so there isn't anything lost. No complaints from me, I'm content with this one.

Get your own here.

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