Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ba-Da-Boom Box

So at Auckland Armageddon it came to my attention that a local company was throwing their hat in to the 'block' arena. I'm not one to shy away from trying something out so gave them a looksie. The company is My Pop Culture and the blocks are called Ba-Da-Boom box. They offer three 'themes;' Gamer, Hero and Mixed for $50 shipped, or a $25 mini version. I picked up a Hero version.

The contents:
Spider-man Pop! vinyl
Riddler beer mug
The Hulk scalers
Iron-man cufflinks
Batman Heroclix blind bag
Superman comic
X-men 2 DVD

A Pop vinyl is always good and spidey is a welcome addition to my shelf. Now I'm not a drinker but I can certainly appreciate a decent piece of glassware. This is a welcome addition as my gaming garage is going to be finished soon and suitably geeky glassware will fit in nicely.

There were some nice small items in the box as well. The Hulk Scaler is nice, I'm not one to wear headphones (mine are wireless) but I have got a little key ring display that he will fit with nicely. The cufflinks are very nice and the Wife is particularly keen on me having some which is a plus. I've already got most of the Batman Heroclix set (I'm missing two rares) so an extra chance to get one of those was great (no such luck though).

Lastly were a couple of almost nostalgia pieces. There is an X-Men 2 DVD and a Superman comic from 2003. Now there is nothing wrong with the DVD except that I already have it, so all good. The comic is pretty weird as it really is old, very good condition and shipped in a bag though. Superman is my least favorite hero so maybe I'm just biased, a batman comic I probably would have loved.

So what is the verdict? I think there is a lot of potential here:
  • There is a solid quantity of items
  • The items are all good quality
  • There was a good mix of toys, apparel and entertainment
I will probably check out the other variations in the coming months. The value of this box came in at about $83 (they claim 'up to $100' value) which is in just the right spot. The items I like are more than the base cost and the box arrived within 4 days of ordering, which are all big positives.

I would recommend checking this out, with xmas coming up in particular. Geeks can be hard to buy for at times and this would really up your odds of getting something they like, without having to be a geek yourself.

Available here. (So you don't have to scroll back up to the link above...)

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