Sunday, 15 November 2015

Week 46 - Runes.....

That is officially the longest time between painting posts ever. My bad. What have I done in the last 6 weeks you ask? Aside from a bunch of life commitments I've done this:

Just the one model. Man that was a mission. At least this one is done, I have the gargantuan to do next. I've also had another two small models dropped off do do as well.

So yeah, I've managed to go from well ahead to nearly behind in the last few weeks. I'm going to have to spare some time to finish some zombies or I will miss my yearly goal, which would be the first time since I started back in 2013. And this post is early because I'm off to TCOW for the afternoon. Yay priorities!

Day 319
336/319 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 21
TNT models - 21
Finish painting Infinity Morats - 11/11
Paint Xtreme Ada-Lorana - 9/9
Paint all Directorate - 44/44
Finish all of the Dreadball teams and MVPs. - 4/4
Paint all Toxic zombies - 37/37
Paint all Berserk zombies - 37/37
Paint remaining Zombicide zombies - 100/150
Paint all DZC Scourge - 36/79
Build and paint remaining KOW Elves - 68/83
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew - 12/16

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