Sunday, 22 November 2015

Week 47 - Back to the Horde

I'm trying to get back on the wagon just before the year wraps up so I finished some more zombies that were part way done already. And a random gribbly I was using to test some ideas on. Anything to get that tally up to 365!

So that is another 17 models done just 12 more to go and I'm done for the year. I will probably still try to get the rest of the Zombicide zombies done though, just for piece of mind... Or brains...

Day 326
353/326 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 21
TNT models - 22
Finish painting Infinity Morats - 11/11
Paint Xtreme Ada-Lorana - 9/9
Paint all Directorate - 44/44
Finish all of the Dreadball teams and MVPs. - 4/4
Paint all Toxic zombies - 37/37
Paint all Berserk zombies - 37/37
Paint remaining Zombicide zombies - 116/150
Paint all DZC Scourge - 36/79
Build and paint remaining KOW Elves - 68/83
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew - 12/16

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