Thursday, 5 November 2015

Arcade Grab Block

As part of signing up for the Arcade block in the last post I had the opportunity to get a half price 'grab block.' These are boxes containing a random assortment of items from recent-ish blocks. I figured I would give this a go and post about it, for those on the fence. Bear in mind that these are only available when you sign up for a new subscription (for the time being) but the new Sci-fi block is out very soon... Which is obviously why I've been checking them out again. This set me back $23 USD, or around $35 NZD.

The contents:
CounterStrike shirt
Evolve Pop!
Portal 2 magnets
Street Fighter key chain
Blue Shell on Board sign
Sonic comic

The shirt is from Shirtpunch but is quite soft, which is good. The print is reasonable and I have nothing against more grey for my wardrobe.

A Pop! vinyl is always welcome, I've not played Evolve but the concept sounds pretty cool. This adds to my set nicely but I'm probably not going to add the others any time soon. Too many other cool options on the list first!

Now for the rest, the portal magnets are cool and look to be reasonable quality. The street fighter key chain lights up and plays the hadoken sound bite. This is pretty cool, hopefully it will survive regular use. The comic will prove to be a nice read I'm sure but I have no idea what I'm going to do with the blue shell sign...

As far as pseudo-random packs are concerned this one turned out pretty well. Between the Pop and the shirt I've not lost any investment and I only got one item of little to no use. Given the reduced price I'm pretty happy all up.

Value: The shirt and Pop cover the costs, everything else is a nice bonus.

Get your own here.

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