Tuesday, 28 July 2015

July 2015 Loot Crate

The July 2015 Loot Crate theme was "Heroes 2" and cost $29.99 USD. (about $45 with the exchange rate as it is.)

The contents this month:
Q-pop Batman (with exclusive word bubble)
Regrettable Super Heroes book (with exclusive cover)
Batman multi-tool keychain
Brawlhalla download card
Legend of Zelda wristband
Wonder Woman mini poster
Star Trek air freshener
Looter mag and pin

This month is another paper heavy month but it makes up for it with some pretty cool items. The Q-Pop figure is awesome and the box doubles as a building for him to stand on.

The other physical items are the keychain, wristband and air freshener, these are okay items, the keychain is pretty big so probably more something you keep at home. I'm not sure how many people wear just one wristband but it is nice. I have another from a previous block so at least I have two. The air freshener is what it is.

The paper and digital items are pretty cool though. The poster is pretty cool and the Brawlhalla code gets you a character and some skins for it (the game is free too!) The other big item in the crate is the Regrettable Heroes book. This is pretty nice and I look forward to reading it.

So this crate felt kinda similar to the first heroes crate, it missed the mark for me a little bit. I feel like it is too hard to cover heroes from many different genres in one go (Marvel didn't make an appearance at all...) On the other hand the last villains crate was one of my favourites. I'm happy with the crate overall, the major items are all good, it was the minor items that could have been better in my opinion. The value is there from just the book and Batman figure so no real loss.

As I predicted, next months theme is Villains 2. I look forward to it!

Thinking of subscribing yourself? Use this link and you get a discount and I get credit too! Win-win!

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