Wednesday, 22 July 2015

June 2015 Loot Crate

First change of the re-defined blog, I'm splitting my loot reviews, for easier searching!

The June 2015 Loot Crate theme was "Cyber" and cost $29.99 USD. (about $45 with the exchange rate as it is.)

Sorry for blurry photo, I didn't realize until after I had opened half the items...
The contents this month:
Optimus Prime / Tron crossover T-shirt
Borderlands mouse mat
Pencil case with glow in the dark circuit design
Terminator Genisys 1/2 scale endoskull
Terminator brain chip necklace
Replicant patch
Battlestar Galactica cylon target sheets (two in a cool envelope)
NerdHQ stickers
Loot Crate badge

This crate had a lot of little items and some paper but balanced it with some cool solid items as well. For anyone questioning the value of these things, the endoskull is available here as a pre-order at $55. I love the shirt, its great. The endoskull and brain chip are pretty cool (the chip is solid metal and really heavy) and I'm sure at some point I will find something perfect to attach my growing pile of patches to. The other stuff I can take or leave, the cylon targets are cool but I don't really know what to do with them. I haven't used a mouse mat in ages as cheap optical mice tend not to like patterned surfaces. But it is cool, maybe I will find somewhere for it.

Value-wise this crate is a good one, between the skull, shirt and chip you are looking at $90 so all up this would be around $100. This is why I keep sticking with Loot Crate, I may not have bought everything for myself but I'm not selling it all off either. All for around the cost of a decent geeky shirt.

July's theme is Heroes 2. But it is already shipping at the time of this post. See the July block review for the next theme! (I suspect villains 2...)

Thinking of subscribing yourself? Use this link and you get a discount and I get credit too! Win-win!

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