Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Changes are Coming

Yep I have been a slacker, I know. I have spent the last two weeks being a full time solo dad while my wife toured around Singapore and Sydney. This made even thinking about painting or blogging impossible (the washing alone took up most of my evenings after work) so there is literally nothing to post about.

But things are changing. My good friend at BioGames Miniatures has just lost his supplier, seriously cutting short the range of products I can easily buy. I've got much less time than I used to for hobbying as I spend more time with my daughter or helping around the house. And top all of that with a lack of desire to keep doing more of the same, I need a break. So here is the plan:

  • I've trimmed back the list of games I'm going to keep for playing, to something more realistic. I will hang on to specific models for display but most of what I have is on the chopping block. I aim to have my unpainted pile cut in half.
  • Kickstarters are pretty much a thing of the past. I have 3 still awaiting money and two of those I may not get anything from. I cant miss another Bones kickstarter though, so that is staying.
  • With all these cuts that means I'm going to be down to much less to paint and so the painting part of the blog is going to have a more finite ending. As such it is going to start to shift in focus, expect more reviews of games, products, loot and maybe even some events.
These changes are starting now and will be ongoing. Hopefully people keep reading, maybe I will attract more readers. I hope I don't lose anybody but it cant really be helped. If anything maybe I will be able to post more, or at least return to regular scheduled posting...

Stay tuned for Junes Loot crate review, I figured I should post it before the July one arrives!

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