Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week 43 - Last Minute Stretch

Another late one this week as I have had my nose to the grindstone (or sewing machine in this case) working on my costume for Halloween. So far I have made decent progress on a vest and complete a pair of trousers and goggles. I also whipped up some earrings for the wife's costume. The photos are below.

The hat needs some more work...

The vest still needs more work, primarily it needs ironing flat, followed by adding buttons. I didn't have the interfacing to make the front panels stick together, which makes it a bit baggy. I also stuffed up the first one, as it turns out linings are a real pain to do, especially when they have one particular side to use. I'm not totally happy with it either. I feel like it needs something more.

Then again that may be just because it isn't finished yet. Who knows. I need to spend tomorrow working on the terrain boards. I can work on the vest during the week, in time to finish up for the party on Friday.

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