Sunday, 13 October 2013

Week 41 - Concrete Playground WIP

So there isn't much progress to report this week on the painting front but I can show some WIP shots of my concrete terrain board. I kind of got sick of cutting out MDF squares so instead of just concrete I have added in some roads too. I used 150 grit sandpaper (wet and dry to reduce warping with PVA) and it looks pretty good already. I need to give it a coat of paint pretty quickly though as I have already scraped my hands on it a couple times... Supposedly the paint takes the edge off, failing that I will give it a wipe with watered down PVA.

As you can see I still need to trim up the edges. There are four boards in total, each with a pseudo-random tile pattern (to reduce pre-measuring) and the plan is to go and work in some cracks and other features once everything is nice and set. I may even be able to get the boards out to the club tomorrow night for a quick test run, That mostly depends on getting some paint on the roads though.

Other than that I got the rest of the plasticard I need for the shipping containers, I hope to get the first 8 done next week but the priority is doing the board. I can always use the club terrain (and stuff from the other infinity players) at Rallypoint. Luckily there is a public holiday this month so I may even be able to get more done than I dare hope! I also got some new Haqqislam models which are being tacked to bases in time for club. We may even be able to ramp up to 150 points properly now. I also finally got confirmation that my Zombicide S2 has been shipped, which is something to look forward to, hopefully by the end of this week...

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