Sunday, 20 October 2013

Interlude - Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter Un-boxing

Almost missed this weeks post, oops! I didn't finish anything new this week so instead I will go through some of my latest acquisition:
Flash drive for scale, the box is huge!
Ooh shiny...
So I did a quick check and all the appropriate boxes were shipped to me, but when I opened up the Prison Outbreak box it was missing some of the card pieces... In particular the shiny new features special to that version. Darn... So that has to sit on the shelf while I wait for replacement parts.

I have just enough time to go through two of the smaller, canine expansions though! First up is Zombie Dogz.

Nice little box.
Look at all the zombie doggies!

So this is a neat little expansion if you have the main game. Basically you get 20 zombie dogs and spawning cards to add them to your games. What is special about them is that they activate 3 times per turn... Making them a serious threat, they are also targeted last, so they hide behind other zombies in the same square.

3 sets of cards, in 3 different languages. This is a nice way to handle it, since crazy people can just throw all of the cards in at once...
The undead dogz themselves.
The sculpts are kind of cool coming in 4 unique designs and 3(?) breeds. Each is made of two parts, base with centre peg and dog, so they are really easy to re-base for something else. They should be easy to paint up as well.

So you can't have undead dogs without first having live dogs, so there is the canine companion expansion as well.
A very small box

This expansion comes with 6 dogs in two different colours and three different breeds. Each breed has slightly different stats and they behave as 'mini survivors' and as equipment. So the dogs can fetch gear for you or kill zombies at range. They should be a fun little add-on.

The sculpts are nice and they are detachable from their bases as well. All in all should be a quick job getting these guys painted.

There is plenty more in this box to go through but I still have to sit down and read all the new rules first and get in a couple games. With a long weekend coming up I have quite a bit to get done. This should at least make next weeks post a little more interesting!

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