Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week 35 - The Dominoes Fall

So I got lucky this week as my Australian order came in on Friday afternoon so I got the paints I needed to finish up the Corp Marines. I also got some Combined Army models for Infinity which will be added to the wall of shame shortly... So with so many models 'almost' finished last week it shouldn't be too surprising that I have quite a bit of progress this week. I finished up all 20 Corp Marines I started last week, the new blue has come out almost the same as the old colour, I actually like the new colour more which is good. As for redoing the other batch I haven't decided if it is necessary or not just yet.

As promised I also finished up the 7 Haqqislam models as they only had a couple details needing done. I have a game with them tomorrow night so I hope they serve me well! I have brushed on varnish as they are metal models that I expect some reasonable use out of. I will probably go back and remove the shine later when the weather clears up.

The last set of progress to report are the Judwan and Robots teams for Dreadball. These just needed the dip brushed on last week but I had time to finish up some extra models for both teams. I also got 6 MVPs done. I have got pretty close to finishing up season 2 now, I just need to finish trimming and assembling before I can get them wrapped up.

This is a fairly substantial week with a total of 51 models completed. So I hope to get more of the Corp done this week as it will put me much closer to finishing, particularly if I get the 40 I have ready to paint done! If I get the last Dreadball models trimmed up I will finish them as well. I still haven't had time to play with the airbrush yet but I have started gathering useful materials (like dropper bottles) to make it all simple once the time comes. In the mean time there are plenty of tutorial videos for me to watch online.

Just 47 models to go!

Day 244
319/244 Painted/Days passed
319/366 Painted/Target (87.2%)
50/50 Dreadball: Season 1(100%)
6/6 Mercs - Kezai Wazza (100%)
71/71 Zombicide! (100%)
31/31 Dystopian Wars - Republique of France (100%)
7/7 Infinity - Haqqislam (100%)
32/40 Blindwater Congregation (80.0%)
42/55 Dreadball: Season 2 (76.4%)
11/18 Malifaux - Kirai Crew (61.1%)
46/150 Corporation Marines (30.7%)
21/89 Forge Fathers (23.6%)
1/85 Kings of War - Abyssal Dwarves (1.2%)
1/474 Kings of War - Undead (0.2%)

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