Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 36 - The End is in Sight

Another week down with more progress to show. This weeks post is early-ish because I am not really in a position to finish the challenge this week. I have just about run out of assembled models to paint! Not that I am complaining. This week I finished up 35 more Corporation Marines, which I am pretty proud of! I also painted up a pair of Generals. This brings my total to just 10 models short of completing the challenge, which is great!

This week I was also published in Ironwatch Magazine, a fan made Mantic magazine, with my tutorial from earlier this year on how to put lights in buildings. I will be looking to contribute more to the magazine in the future, with more tutorials on lighting and possibly some other terrain making articles. Assuming they will have me of course... For those interested in the magazine the links are here.

I also acquired some 2'x2' square panels for making terrain boards this week. This will be my project for the Hamilton Immortals terrain competition, ending in July next year. I am still figuring out exactly what I am going to produce but the boards are probably going to be a concrete slab design. I need to nail down what I am going to do before I just start though as it will be difficult to replace the boards. I also received my small cargo crates from Antenocitis this week. They are great little terrain pieces, I just need to clean up all the bits of silicone left in the crevices...

I played through a game on Infinity on Monday night. It was good but having had some time to reflect on what happened I can see several ways I could have done better. Particularly I didn't know you can take a 'cautious move' action, which prevents models from shooting you if you move from cover in to cover. That could have saved me quite a bit of trouble... That and taking a model with a multispectral visor, so that Knightwolfs ninja wouldn't be near invincible while camouflaged. I have another game this week so I will bring along my supply of crates to increase the available cover.

Yay just 10 models to go!!!

Day 251
356/251 Painted/Days passed
356/366 Painted/Target (97.3%)
50/50 Dreadball: Season 1(100%)
6/6 Mercs - Kezai Wazza (100%)
71/71 Zombicide! (100%)
31/31 Dystopian Wars - Republique of France (100%)
7/7 Infinity - Haqqislam (100%)
32/40 Blindwater Congregation (80.0%)
42/54 Dreadball: Season 2 (77.8%)
11/18 Malifaux - Kirai Crew (61.1%)
83/150 Corporation Marines (55.3%)
21/89 Forge Fathers (23.6%)
1/85 Kings of War - Abyssal Dwarves (1.2%)
1/474 Kings of War - Undead (0.2%)