Sunday, 24 February 2013

Week 8 - Nothing to See Here... Move Along.

So I haven't got anything more to show this week, I'm getting the bases done and doing some other little bits and pieces, like my travel tray. With Ides next weekend I have to focus on getting my lists organised and figuring out how I will transport my models up to Auckland safely. As a result there will almost certainly be no progress this coming week and the weekly post will be late. I will do a bit of a summary of my experience at the tournament and my first outing with the Red Gators.

Yesterday was my first ever Demo as a Press Ganger. It was an interesting experience and I think I have learned some things to apply to my next one, on the 9th of March at Vagabonds in Hamilton. Most importantly I need to get my 2 Warmachine battleboxes painted up so that I can run demos for that, likely starting in April. I have 3 sets available, Khador, Cryx and Menoth. The Menoth is going to be getting some conversions and freehand work, so it will probably be Khador vs Cryx on the table. If I am really doing well I may even get my Judicator Colossal painted up, which should get some attention. With some luck and money I plan on picking up an Archangel for Legion, as it is a super sweet model that will certainly get people to stop and have a look. I mean, look at it!

Image used without permission, copyright of Privateer Press Inc.

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