Monday, 4 March 2013

Ides of March in Review - Week 10 Plan

So after an awesome weekend of gaming (on little sleep no less) I came away in 26th out of 34. This was mostly due to a lack of Control Points as I went 3/4 Wins/Losses. I did however come away with 3rd best painted, for the Swamp Horror. Its always nice to be recognised for some hard work. I also got a special mention for the LED lit building terrain and the 'spinning fan of death' as it was fondly referred to. I also had a lot of positive comments from other gamers on my bases and on the terrain. All in all a good weekend, Dave got his first tournament running smoothly with only a little help with the spreadsheets and ranking orders.

As for this week I have Rask and a unit of Bog Trogg Ambushers to assemble and paint, along with the Ironback Spitter. I hope to make some decent headway on these as I would like to use them at Natcon on Easter weekend.

After that I have to get 2 Warmachine battleboxes painted for demos. I have already made a start on the Khador, I will upload a photo of where they are at later today. (Hopefully...) Finally while I was off gaming I crossed 500 page views, which is awesome! I hope to really get churning out models in April so there will hopefully be a bit more for you all to see each week.

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