Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week 48 - The Seventh Centurions Take to the Pitch

Another week down, man the end of the year is coming up fast! I finally finished up the full Zee team (currently called the seventh centurions) as have trimmed and assembled the last of the Nameless team. As far as Dreadball season 3 goes I have 6 Teratons to assemble, a few MVPs and then all of the boosters to max out the teams. I aim to at least have all the basic teams and MVPs assembled before the years end, it would be good to try a few games in the last couple of club nights for the year. The Zees are below.

I've got quite a bit going on between now and years end but I do have a couple things I think I can finish up by then. I think I can probably finish up my Rail Crew for Malifaux, maybe even my Kirai Crew as well. I would like to trim up and assemble 1000 points of my Abyssal Dwarves but that may be pushing it... With all the Deadzone news coming through it looks like mine will be shipping in a couple weeks, making it unlikely to be with me before I finish work for the year. That is a shame but not entirely unexpected. At least I will be able to focus on what I already have!

Day 335
383/320 Painted/Days passed
383/366 Painted/Target (104.6%)
6/6 Mercs - Kezai Wazza (100%)
71/71 Zombicide! (100%)
31/31 Dystopian Wars - Republique of France (100%)
48/55 Dreadball - Season 2 (87.3%)
32/40 Blindwater Congregation (80.0%)
11/18 Malifaux - Kirai Crew (61.1%)
50/82 Dreadball - Season 1(61.0%)
89/150 Corporation Marines (59.3%)
7/19 Infinity - Haqqislam (36.8%)
21/89 Forge Fathers (23.6%)
14/89 Dreadball - Season 3 (15.7%)
1/85 Kings of War - Abyssal Dwarves (1.2%)
2/474 Kings of War - Undead (0.4%)

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