Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week 47 - Assembly Line

So there isn't much in the way of completed models this week. I have got 13 Zees on the painting desk which are almost table ready. They may get done for next week. I have however managed to trim and assemble quite a few models this week and I aim to at least have all the season 3 Dreadball teams assembled for next weekend. I also assembled all of my Rail Crew for Malifaux, the bases are coming along as well.

I have got into a bit of a rhythm with the model assembly in the last couple weeks. Part of this is due to a PP Insider blog I read a couple of years ago. It talked about the best advice one of the guys had been given about the hobby, "always be trimming." What this boils down to is having a little 'away bag' complete with a set of files, knives and clippers and a small bag of models. This away bag is what you take on business trips, weekends away or (in my case) to work for lunch breaks. You just sit down in your off time and trim some models. This frees up your hobby time for painting and gaming rather than filing off mould lines and clipping from sprues. This is also doable during those TV shows your partner forces you to 'watch.' As a result I can usually do a couple models per day at a relaxed pace and spend my weekend time painting.

With Deadzone shipping beginning next week I took the opportunity to trim up a set of 5 Enforcer models. They should be quite fun on the table and will really speed up getting Deadzone onto the table in the new year.

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