Sunday, 10 November 2013

Week 45 - Painting in Full Scale

So I have been painting this weekend (a full 18 hours worth!) but not the kind usually found here... I took the weekend to paint the nursery. I had the clever (stupid) idea to paint the nursery to look like clear skies and rolling hills. This was so it would tie in well with all the Winnie the Pooh stuff the wife has bought. Did I mention that this would be the first time I was painting an entire room? By myself? Really should have made it easier on myself...

At any rate here are some photos of what it looked like before:
And after:

With furniture:

So understandably I haven't done much else painting-wise this weekend. I have had a chance to assemble a full roster of Zees for Dreadball though so I hope to get those done fairly quickly as they are tiny little fellows. I have updated the model list with all the extra Dreadball bits too, just short the missing season 2 bits.

Day 314
369/314 Painted/Days passed
369/366 Painted/Target (100.8%)
6/6 Mercs - Kezai Wazza (100%)
71/71 Zombicide! (100%)
31/31 Dystopian Wars - Republique of France (100%)
48/55 Dreadball: Season 2 (87.3%)
32/40 Blindwater Congregation (80.0%)
11/18 Malifaux - Kirai Crew (61.1%)
50/82 Dreadball: Season 1(61.0%)
89/150 Corporation Marines (59.3%)
7/19 Infinity - Haqqislam (36.8%)
21/89 Forge Fathers (23.6%)
1/85 Kings of War - Abyssal Dwarves (1.2%)
2/474 Kings of War - Undead (0.4%)
0/89 Dreadball: Season 3 (0.0%)


  1. Nice work dude, no small undertaking. I appreciate that it's almost Cryx green too. How about some OSL to secure Best Painted?

    1. Ah, that comes with the yellow lamp shade on the ceiling light, to go with the glow in the dark stars.