Sunday, 8 December 2013

Week 49 - Spinning a Yarn

Not a lot of progress this week. I have been mostly preparing models this week so am getting pretty close to having all the dreadball teams assembled. I have been thinking a bit about what got us all into the hobby and what keeps us in it. Many of us got into wargaming through GW, for better or worse. While many of us have left that abusive relationship behind there is something that always pulls at us, making us tempted to go back. The 40K fluff is that little string. It is a completely unnecessary thing yet once you get past the models, the game and the hobby it is the fluff that drives us. It is what makes us choose a colour scheme, play out scenarios and spin our own little stories in a massive universe.

So where am I going with this? Well for many game systems we have all moved on to there just isn't that same hook. Some are better than others, Infinity and Malifaux have quite deep backgrounds and history for their factions. Now while Mantic games are fun they are particularly sparse in their backgrounds. What is really lacking, even from the fans, is specific history, background for specific corporations, plague outbreaks, veer-myn hives and so on. So I have been thinking about writing some specific backgrounds for my models. I would like to go the 'whole hog' with this and get it all fleshed out, military background, corporate dreadball team(s), strategic assets, rival corporations and anything else I can think of.

If I get it done well enough I plan on rolling it out for my forge fathers and veer-myn. I also plan on making the templates available so that others can write up their own. If everything goes to plan then maybe it can all get put somewhere public and really flesh out the Warpath universe at least a little bit more.

I've also figured out a way to re-purpose an old terrain project for something I'm more likely to finish, not to mention get more use out of. But that can be for another time. There is quite a high chance that there wont be a post next week, or it may be very early or very late. I haven't figured that out just yet!

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