Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week 10 - Under the Weather

I've not been feeling great the last few days and work has been manic. This all adds up to not much painting progress. I did work on a few Stygians for Epic, netting me a new formation. This brings me to around 500 points which is nice, to make any further formations though I need to pick up more stuff, as unfortunately all the Dark Eldar stuff comes in units of 30 and the stuff I bought was packs of 25...

This adds another 6 models to my total for the year. I'm still working out the details for the basing, I'm trying to find something that looks decent but doesn't hide the figures, which is proving a challenge.

Day 71
143/71 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 6
Myth - 41
Prussians - 30
Zombicide - 15
Stygians - 18
TNT - 1

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