Sunday, 7 May 2017

Week 18 - Life Changes

So its been a bit quiet around here, the reason being that we are expecting a second child. This has meant that getting more painting done has been very difficult and will continue to be. I'm trying to wrap up my outstanding commissions before shutting up shop for a bit. The impact to the blog will be long periods of silence, as there simply wont be anything hobby related to cover.

I have morphed game nights into hobby nights with Knightwolf, as we both try to get our costumes together for Auckland Armageddon later in the year. In writing this I am realising that my wife's due date is within days of it, so odds are I'm not going to that... But I've been wanting to do this sort of thing for years, so I may as well continue working towards it for now.

The blog may return, but in many ways it has run its course. I've gone from painting a few models per year (to a fairly good standard, placing in a few competitions) to being able to paint a few dozen models in a week. Nowhere near the same standard, mind you. The blog facilitated that, as well as feeling like there might be some possibility of someday having everything painted. That was stymied by selling painted models and replacing them with new ones... Most of what I have now I didn't own when I started, but my total model count is around half it was. And I have more painted now than I ever had in the time I have been playing which is another solid win. But there isn't much more for the blog to do, its purpose has been served.

In the down time I will re-evaluate what the blog is for but for now it is back to getting ready for child #2.