Sunday, 26 February 2017

Week 8 - Back on Track

It has been a long few weeks, we were getting our windows painted inside so I had to completely strip all my hobby gear out of the hobby room for the last four weeks. This obviously made painting a bit difficult. I managed to get everything back together late this week and do some small painting yesterday evening. I painted up 2 Raiders, 24 Scourges, 24 Mandrakes and 5 Wyches. These I am only counting as 12 models but it was good to get more done. Photos below.

I'm still working out the basing for this stuff but I am settled on hexes. They fit within both the Warpath and Epic Armageddon rules and should look a little more modern as a result. I just need to work out how many formations I have with what I've got and what I need to finish them off so I can play a little bit next time I'm up at the club.

Day 57
137/57 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 6
Myth - 41
Prussians - 30
Zombicide - 15
Stygians - 12
TNT - 1

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