Sunday, 15 January 2017

Week 2 - Myth, Zombies and Building

It was a busy week this week. the rest of the family was away so I had time to work on my garage as well as paint. It has taken me a long time working on that garage and now I have finished the major work, next up is the sanding and painting. No pictures until it is done though!

I have finished most of the Myth models now, I just have a couple stragglers left. I am left with the expansions after that, but no need to get ahead of myself as I've only played the game once now. See below for a photo of the 17 Grubers and 6 heroes finished this week.

Further to these I also finished off the Zombicide Crows my wife got me for my birthday. These were done fairly quickly, 15 stands.

Last up I put the finishing touches on some Dystopian wars Prussians. These had been waiting a while the shrubbery flock to arrive. I will go back and finish off the others I've already done sometime soon. This is another 11 models.

All up 49 models, not bad for a weeks work!

Day 15
67/15 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 6
Myth - 41
Zombicide - 15
Prussians - 11