Thursday, 28 January 2016

January Loot Cate

The January Loot Crate theme was "Invasion" and cost $28 USD or about $43. Lets look at what we have.

The contents:
X-files shirt
X-files torch (including batteries)
5th Element Multi-pass
Space Invaders figure
Aliens facehugger plushie
Two retro movie poster prints
Looter pin (unlocks a free digital comic)

The shirt is pretty nice, its a soft material and is officially licensed. Its also just generic enough to wear as I am not very familiar with X-files...

The facehugger plush is pretty nice and includes a rubber band to hold it to your face, should you wish. The multi-pass is a movie prop replica, looks to be reasonable quality. The space invader figure is awesome. I like that Loot Crate are doing pins now, hopefully that stays as they are way nicer than the badges. This pin also unlocks a free digital comic book!

Last up are a pair of art prints based (or replicating, I'm not sure) a pair of old school invasion movies. They are printed on a nice card stock too.

So this was a very solid offering. Now I'm not an X-files fan (I was a bit young for that when it was first out!) but the items are all decent, the paper items are high quality and the bonus digital item was really good. These last two crates have made me reconsider cancelling my subscription, the next one will really help me choose one way or the other. It has also made me realize what I am passing up with the Marvel crates as these last two Loot Crates beat the pants off the Marvel one and cost me about the same.

The next theme hasn't been spoiled just yet, but there will be a shirt in every crate for 2016.

Get your own here and save $3.

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