Sunday, 21 December 2014

Week 51 - Done and Dusted

Well, here we are, the final post for 2014. Its been a good year overall, with the birth of my daughter and still managing to find time to paint models. My first KOW tournament as well. There were some not-so-good moments as well but you have to take the good with the bad. So just before I recap here is the last of what I will finish this year.

5 Elf palace guard and 2 Scourge vehicles. Unfortunately I haven't been able to finish my Dreadball, the paint stripper is still sticking to the resin so adding primer just isn't going to work. They will just have to wait for next year. Early though, I hope.

So to recap, I successfully:

  • Made a gaming table (still unused though...) 
  • Built and painted a KOW army.
  • Made a Malifaux board and entered the Immortals terrain competition.
  • Built and painted a strike team for Enforcers and Plague.
  • Painted 368 models in a year.
Which isn't too shabby having had a new child in March. So now for the plans for next year:
  • Paint another 365+ models.
  • Build and paint a Malifaux faction.
  • Build and paint all my remaining KOW Elves.
  • Build and paint an Infinity faction.
  • Build and paint a Warpath faction.
  • Build and paint a DZC faction.
  • Build and paint a Planetfall faction.
  • Complete a Cosplay costume for Hamilton Armageddon 2015.
It looks a little ambitious but most of the 'complete factions' in the list are less than 20 models so the total is less than the 365+ target. I started on my Armageddon costume this weekend (the painting room was way too hot and stuffy for painting!) and have completed the shirt and I am about 60% of the way through making the pants. After that is a hooded vest, belt, boots and goggles and I'm done. No pictures just yet, got to keep some suspense for 2015...


  1. 368 Models........ nice work.

    1. Cheers, you've done some nice work as well. And read way more books than me this year!