Sunday, 7 December 2014

Week 49 - Entering the Final Rush

Sorry for no post last week, a sudden death in the family caught us all off guard. You will be sorely missed Gordon.

I happened to have a day to myself yesterday so spent it as productively as I could, painting Robots, Elves and building Mars Attacks terrain while watching cartoons. A good day indeed. The fruits of my labour are shown below.

That is my last 9 robots and another 39 elves all painted up and ready for basing. Which leaves me just 4 Dreadball MVPs to paint to finish both my goal of completing Dreadball and painting 365 models this year. I have also undercoated my first 5 Martians and am about ready to start on them.

I received another Arcade block this week, the contents are: A Mario dissected T-shirt, Assassins Creed Pop! vinyl, Minecraft hanger (Zombie Pigman,) Star stressball, TF2 wrapping paper and a DOTA 2 bandana.

The shirt is cool (hopefully this one gets the wife's approval!) as is the Pop! figure. I had been planning on grabbing some Minecraft merchandise at some point (surprised it took this long to get one) and I had been wanting a stress ball. The TF2 wrapping paper is cool but I don't know anybody who would appreciate it, may have to get my presents wrapped in it I guess...

Day 341
361/341 Painted/Days passed
361/Too many! Painted/Bought
Build a permanent gaming table.
Build a Kings of War army for playing with.
Complete my entry for the terrain competition.
Build and paint a set of Deadzone battle groups.
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew.
Finish all of the Dreadball teams and MVPs.
Finish painting an Infinity group.
Make some headway on my Warpath fluff.

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