Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week 41 - Elven Progress Report #7

More progress on the Elves this week, finishing up a horseman, spellcaster and 4 bolt throwers. This leaves me with just four horsemen and two drakons to finish in time for the tournament. This is of course assuming that in learning to play the game I don't make any emergency changes to my list. I still have 10 more cavalry, 40 scouts, 100 archers, 5 palace guard and a dragon available to sub in, each requiring varying amounts of work. I may also be lending Knightwolf some models for his army, depending on what he needs...

I also felt that it was time to get to work on some Scourge models for DZC, managing to get my first unit of infantry painted. I have no idea on how to do the base just yet, possibly some freehand rather than adding sand etc.

I have made a start on more of the Scourge, I just have to even out the washes and pick out some details. I have also started on the Circle models for a mate. Trying to match colours is a PITA, it is a shame I cant get any more of the original paints. I only have 3 of the dozen or so colours and GW doesn't make most of them any more. I've got 2/3 of the base colours down now and they are starting to look the part. Hopefully he will be happy with them...

Day 285
273/285 Painted/Days passed
273/334 Painted/Bought
Build a permanent gaming table.
Build a Kings of War army for playing with.
Complete my entry for the terrain competition.
Build and paint a set of Deadzone battle groups.
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew.
Finish all of the Dreadball teams and MVPs.
Finish painting an Infinity group.
Make some headway on my Warpath fluff.

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