Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 33 - Another Year Older

So a short post this week. I'm another year older this week which is just a reminder that I haven't finished my quota for the last few weeks! In other news my painting time is about to plummet quite substantially (or so I am told) as my wife is pregnant! This is planned and was a precursor to the project this year, we are both very happy.

I need to get back on to finishing up this challenge, so I am going to focus on getting the Corp Marines sorted for the immediate future. I am still working on the Haqqislam models as well. I got to watch a game of Infinity on Monday which was good. I also tracked down some unit card summaries which is going to make playing easier.

I also managed to finally get a hose for the airbrush, it only required me to buy a new airbrush... At least this way I have a spare and it wasn't hugely expensive. I look forward to trying it out this week. I am also close to finishing up the hills for the club, they should hopefully be done by the middle of the week.

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