Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Week 18 - Gallery Now Live!

After wrestling with the interface I have got a semi-working gallery blog now working. The link is available in the top tabs above. As I make more progress, take more photos and improve my photography skills/equipment pages will be added. In the mean time it looks pretty bare. I will try and get more photos taken tonight to finish up the Mercs gallery and possibly even begin adding my Dreadball teams as well.

For this week (19) I have 8 zombie runners on my desk waiting to be finished up and I may even get some of the other zombie stragglers done as well. If all goes well then next week will just be a couple loose zombies and the 6 survivor models, meaning a completely painted Zombicide! Then I feel I should get back to some of my ever-growing pile of Mantic models...


  1. Nice John, Love the gallery can't wait to see more of your stuff

    1. Thanks. Since we moved in November I still haven't found the charger for the digital camera so I may not be able to take pictures at all soon!

      I should be able to get pics of my Dreadball teams up tonight, assuming the camera battery holds out that long!