Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 17 - The End of Zombie Month

Hey everyone, just wrapped up my first Flames of War tournament today so I don't have too many more zombies for this week. With May coming up in just a couple days I guess it would be a good time to look at what I have got done as well. So first up, this weeks progress, 5 walkers and 4 runners.

So that brings the total zombie count up to 43. So with 2 days left in April I highly doubt I will finish up the last 22 in time. So I am looking at having them wrapped up before the end of May, which should be more than reasonable. I am away for much of next week so there wont be much progress to show. What I have been thinking about is setting up a gallery for the completed work and some of the WIP shots. Any thoughts? I may try to implement this a bit next week. Anyway below is the group shot of the zombies so far.

Oh and I got a message to state that the Season 2 Dreadball models are being sent out this week. So that is another 4 teams coming my way soon, just about in time for the league starting up at the club too...

The stats:

Day 118
142/118 Painted/Days passed
142/366 Painted/Target (38.8%)
50/50 Dreadball: Season 1(100%)
6/6 Mercs - Kezai Wazza (100%)
32/40 Blindwater Congregation (80.0%)
43/71 Zombicide! (60.6%)
0/1 Dreadball: Season 2 (0%)
5/89 Forge Fathers (5.6%)
6/150 Corporation Marines (4.0%)
0/102 Veer-myn (0.0%)
0/8 Khador (0.0%)
0/35 Protectorate of Menoth (0.0%)
0/15 Malifaux - Kirai Crew (0.0%)
0/9 Malifaux - Mei Feng Crew (0.0%)
0/6 Infinity - Haqqislam (0.0%)
0/21 Death Korps of Krieg (0.0%)
With more to come...

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