Sunday, 17 April 2016

Week 15 - More Vehicles Off the Printer

So a bit more time spent this week with the 3D printer, I've now got about 1k points worth of Resistance vehicles ready to use. I have expanded my set of designs to include wagons, buses, drills and 'small' hovercraft. Not much progress on the painting front again this week as weeknights have been hectic. I have got a weeks worth of models done though and made progress on my two commission models at the same time, so at least I'm not falling behind.

More rough paint jobs for the time being, I will do a touch up job on them later. The paint seems to hold fairly well which is good. In order to make this stuff playable I need to pick up a set of cards and a bunch of infantry options. Other than that is some flavor units and a command option. A Leviathan is far to big for my printer so if I do a design up I'm probably going to have to split it up for printing. As it stands the 'small' hovercraft only just fit!

Day 107
148/107 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 10
3D printed models - 15
Paint remaining Zombicide zombies - 19/19
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew - 7/4
Finish Zombicide survivors - 24/30
Finish Zombicide zombivors - 21/33
Finish painting Infinity Morats - 0/1
Paint all DZC Scourge - 43/62
Build and paint remaining KOW Elves - 0/15
Onslaught miniatures - 11/54

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  1. You could always go the path of the masochist and print yourself an Alexander command vehicle ;-)