Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 46 - Kings of War and Painting Targets

No photos this week I'm afraid, I've been a bit busy. That being said I played in the Kings of War tournament yesterday, it was great. The game plays very well in a tournament setting and the last few weeks of practice was enough to have a good handle on the rules (with the exception of a couple timing related things) and I ended up 7th overall out of 12. I played against three Kingdoms of Man armies and Knightwolf (upholding the long tradition of travelling across the country to play against the guy you travelled with.) and ended up with one win, two draws and a loss.

I've started doing some work on the robots team, my last incomplete Dreadball team. They are likely to be the last painting goal I can get done before the year ends. I really want to finish Dreadball off by then. I have 6 weeks left to finish 83 models if I hope to keep up the 'one a day' goal, which would be nice. I will almost certainly have to paint more elves to pull it off though!

Day 320
282/320 Painted/Days passed
282/414 Painted/Bought
Build a permanent gaming table.
Build a Kings of War army for playing with.
Complete my entry for the terrain competition.
Build and paint a set of Deadzone battle groups.
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew.
Finish all of the Dreadball teams and MVPs.
Finish painting an Infinity group.
Make some headway on my Warpath fluff.

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