Sunday, 28 August 2016

Week 34 - Slinking Back In

So its been over a month since my last post, largely since it has been over a month since I actually painted anything! It has been a long and sometimes rough month but I'm now back and should be posting a bit more reliably, at least I hope. I've got 2 commission models that just needing basing to show this time.

I have another two to go on this commission, but they are touch ups on an existing paint job so shouldn't be too difficult.

Day 241
277/241 Painted/Days passed
Commission models - 15
3D printed models - 15
Paint remaining Zombicide zombies - 19/19
Build and paint a full Malifaux crew - 7/4
Finish Zombicide survivors - 30/30
Finish Zombicide zombivors - 27/33
Mercs: Recon - 68/142
Dystopian Wars Prussians - 44/164
Finish painting Infinity Morats - 0/1
Paint all DZC Scourge - 43/62
Build and paint remaining KOW Elves - 0/15
Onslaught miniatures - 11/54

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